24 Hours Lead Time Quick-Turn Custom Double-Sided PCB

24 Hours Lead Time Quick-Turn Custom Double-Sided PCB

It is not all copper noodles eat tin parts, so the non-tin eating area will print a layer of copper noodles to separate tin eating substances (usually epoxy resin), it avoids short circuit between non-tin lines. According to different processes, it can be divided into green oil, red oil and blue oil.
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We pay close attention to the market dynamics of Electronic Circuit Board Assembly, PCB Assembly, Single Layer Printed Circuit Board at home and abroad. According to the feedback from the market and users, we constantly develop and research new products to meet the different needs of customers. Based on the current product level, our company constantly improves product quality according to customer needs, absorbs and learns better design and manufacturing concepts, and continuously upgrades product quality. Our company implements the principle of more work, more rewards, and treats every employee fairly. We insist on honesty and trustworthiness as the foundation of enterprise development, allowing you to buy reliable products at a preferential price and in a fast way. Our company continues to increase our marketing, and strives to expand the reputation.

PCB Knowledge:

Through holes can make the lines more than two layers switch on each other, the larger ones are used as part plugins, and the non-through holes (nPTH) are usually used as surface mounting positioning and fixing screws for assembly.

It is not all copper will be soldered components, so the non soldering area will print epoxy resin, it avoids short circuit between non-tin lines. According to different processes, it can be divided into green oil, red oil and blue oil.

Silk screen is not necessary. The main function is to mark the name and position frame of each part on the circuit board. It is easy maintenance and identification after assembly.

Because copper surface in the general environment, it is easy to oxidize, and it leads to no tin (solder poor), so it needs to protect the soldering area. The methods of protection include HASL, ENIG, Immersion Silver, tin, Immersion Tin, and OSP, which have their advantages and disadvantages; they are generally called Surface Finish.( quick turn pcb)


Process of pcb manufacturing:


Our Factory:




Our Company is UL,ISO9001,ROHS and GJB9001B certified. 


Packing and Shipping:




1. How to Get a quotation?

For PCBs,pls send us the Gerber File.For PCBA,pls send us the Gerber file and BOM(Bill of Materials)

2. What is the MOQ?

No MOQ.1 pcs is ok.

3.What is the lead time?

For PCB orders,the lead time is 2 to 10 days.For PCBA orders,the lead time will be 15 to 30 days.

4.Will the boards be tested before shippment?

Yes,all PCBs will be tested by Flying Probe or E-test.For PCBA,we will have AOI,X-ray,and functional test

Email us to get a quote: admin@brightcircuits.com


With our advanced equipment and exquisite workmanship, we focus on the development and production of 24 Hours Lead Time Quick-Turn Custom Double-Sided PCB through continuous practice and innovation. What we offer each of our customers is a tangible efficiency that gets to the root of the problem in a short period of time. Our company will steadily expand, build an efficient enterprise management platform with the effective integration of resources.
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