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SMT patch processing is made of flaky components with high reliability, small and light components. So it has strong anti-vibration ability, and adopts automatic production with high reliability. Generally poor solder joint rate less than 10/1000000.It can ensure low defect rate of solder joint in electronic products or components. At present, almost 90% of electronic products adopt SMT process.
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PCBA Knowledge:

SMT chip processing uses chip components, with high reliability, small and light components, so it has strong anti-vibration capability, automatic production, high placement reliability, and generally low solder joint rate is less than 10 parts per million. It can guarantee the low defect rate of solder joints of electronic products or components. Almost 90% of electronic products currently use the SMT process.

SMT patch components are only about 1/10 of the size of traditional plug-in components, and the weight is only 10% of the traditional plug-in components. Usually, SMT technology can reduce the size of electronic products by 40%~60%, and the weight is reduced by 60%~80%, the area and weight are greatly reduced. The SMT chip processing assembly component grid has been developed from 1.27MM to the current 0.63MM grid, and the individual has reached the 0.5MM grid. The through-hole mounting technology is used to mount the components, which makes the assembly density higher.(Pcb Mount)


PCBA Process:


Our Factory:



Our Company is UL,ISO9001,ROHS and GJB9001B certified. 


Packing and Shipping:




1. How to Get a quotation?

For PCBs,pls send us the Gerber File.For PCBA,pls send us the Gerber file and BOM(Bill of Materials)

2. What is the MOQ?

No MOQ.1 pcs is ok.

3.What is the lead time?

For PCB orders,the lead time is 2 to 10 days.For PCBA orders,the lead time will be 15 to 30 days.

4.Will the boards be tested before shippment?

Yes,all PCBs will be tested by Flying Probe or E-test.For PCBA,we will have AOI,X-ray,and functional test



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