AOI Automatic Optical Inspection Equipment In pcb assembly and soldering Electronics Processing Plant

- Dec 05, 2019-

In SMT processing of electronic plants, there is an indispensable device to ensure PCBA processing quality, that is, AOI automatic optical inspection equipment. At present, AOI automatic optical inspection equipment is an indispensable process inspection equipment in SMT processing. In many cases in electronic processing plants, AOI is used to find possible defects in PCBA, and thus to find the defect and solve it in PCBA processing, to ensure that every PCBA delivered to the customer is no problem. Now, Linke Electronics will introduce the AOI automatic optical inspection equipment of SMT electronics processing plant.


Through defect inspection, you can find out what is wrong with PCBA, and AOI after reflow can detect various defects in SMT chip processing and then decide whether this batch of PCBA is directly scrapped or repaired based on the number and severity of defects. And you can observe whether the problems that occur in PCBA process are small random or a large number of regular problems. If there is regularity, you need to find out the cause of the defect and then solve it fundamentally to avoid the same PCBA SMT problem.


AOI-centric defect prevention is a method used by PCBA factories to generate inspection and measurement data from a large number of existing AOI equipment. This method uses many statistical process control / six sigma rules, and it avoids the hassle of entangled details so that users can continue to analyze in real time, find the exact cause, and perform predictive analysis.


By using AOI flexibly on the production line and taking measures to prevent defects, the feedback time of the current production line status can be shortened. This can resolve SMT errors more quickly, and can also reduce the final incidence of defects per million on the production line, keeping it at a lower level.


In the electronics processing industry, PCBA quality is the focus of all customers. For PCBA factories, quality is also the core focus of survival and development. Therefore, PCBA processing plants must continuously improve product quality in order to maintain market leadership, ensure product quality, reduce internal costs and reduce warranty costs are the driving force and source of the development of electronic processing plants.


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